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Après l’annonce de MyBank, Alibaba se lance dans l’information financière. Quelle sera la prochaine étape ? l’assurance ?

Alibaba Invests $194M Into China Business News To Build A Financial Data Platform
Alibaba, the Chinese internet giant, is currently focused on investing internationally to grow its business, but is also continuing to build out operations at home. In the latest move, it has invested $193.6 million (RMB1.2 billion) into China Business News to create a new financial data and information services company.
“The era of Data Technology is here and it will surpass the Information Technology era. The DT era is about transparency, sharing of information and enabling others,” said Alibaba Group founder and executive chairman Jack Ma in a statement announcing the deal. “Alibaba is excited about the possibilities of the DT era and how it can bring value to society.” The deal was formalised earlier today in a signing ceremony in Shanghai involving Alibaba exec Tiger Wang and CBN chairman LI Rong.

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