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Bebee asked me about social media :

Why you’re using #SocialMedia at night ?t
1. When people ask you why you’re using social media at night, what do you usually tell them?
Social media has many advantages for a professional. It offers an incredible amount of information and gives you access to the latest articles published by experts. It’s a fantastic medium for connecting with other professionals, sharing content and interacting with them on a huge multitude of subjects.
Furthermore, it facilitates kindness and altruism and helps prioritise other people, like for example, when we help people who are looking for work using the hashtag #i4emploi. These are the essential new tools in the professional world.
One could list many more points that justify a constant presence on social media, but if I had to choose just one more it would be that it allows you to meet incredible people in virtual life and in real life.
It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect in a different way that also complements a traditional approach. Regarding my online presence at night, as they’re personal accounts, interaction with other people usually takes place outside of the office and therefore, coincide with this time of day. Besides, the world is less active on these platforms during the daytime.

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