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Voici une tribune publiée pour Bebee sur les qualités que doivent avoir les managers dans le nouvel univers numérique :

Is the 3.0 digital manager bionic?
A good IT culture, a clear vision, a capacity to always see further into the distance. Could we say that the modern manager is superhuman?
Remember Steve Austin, the 300 million dollar man … Hero of the 1970s TV series, he was an astronaut who’d walked the moon. Another planet, another universe … He became a test pilot, when his plane crashed, he was seriously injured and then became a bionic man.
With his next-generation equipment, he could go faster, could see further and had superhuman strength.
A ‘superhuman’! Speed, vision, strength… Qualities so sought after in our modern digital universe, where all companies want to offer you the moon; Where you have to be both proficient, influential and versatile … If recruiters had to look for the perfect digital manager 3.0, it’s likely that Steve Austin’s qualities would propel his CV into a top position … A new generation bionic manager!

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