Moody’s vient de publier un document sur l’impact des nouvelles réglementions sur les notations des Assureurs et plus particulièrement dans la cadre de la mise en oeuvre de Solvency II

Moody’s: New regulatory regimes could have credit implications as insurers respond
Future significant changes to global insurance solvency regimes will not directly affect insurers’ ratings, but company responses could have positive and negative credit implications, says Moody’s Investors Service in a new report, « Global Insurance Regulators Battle Doubts and Delays Over Solvency Modernization. »
« These regulatory and solvency overhauls bring with them increased exposure to model risk and complexity, as firms are increasingly allowed to employ customized/internal models to determine regulatory capital needs, » said Wallace Enman, a Moody’s Vice President — Senior Credit Officer…

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