Dans le cadre d’un article fait pour « Ignites Europe – a Financial Time service », Judith Evans m’a interrogé sur les réseaux sociaux et l’asset management. L’article complet est accessible en s’inscrivant sur le site d’ignites :

French regulator considers social media guidance

Regulation and digital media expert Alban Jarry says there has also been significant growth in followers for the most popular French asset management accounts since August 2013.
“There are more and more blogs by professionals, curated accounts on sites such as Scoop.it, and presentations on SlideShare,” Mr Jarry adds.
“Many asset managers are working with agencies to develop a social media strategy and 2014 should see a number of new accounts launched.”
Mr Jarry believes that “the AMF does not need to regulate or explain the use of social networks” because fund groups such as Carmignac, Amundi and BNP Paribas are already able to produce lively and widely followed feeds in the light of existing regulation.
Mr Jarry notes that many of the most popular France-based Twitter accounts on asset management are
those of experts or individuals rather than fund groups, a phenomenon not seen in other financial sectors.
The most popular accounts are those of Loic Fery, CEO of Chenavari Investment Managers, with 11,377
followers at Mr Jarry’s last count, and @Oui4Paris, an unnamed operations manager at an asset
management firm, with 7,733.

French regulator considers social media guidance (par Judith Evans pour Ignites Europe - Financial Times) - interview Alban Jarry

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