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L’OCDE a publié une synthèse sur l’avenir du travail qui traite de l’impact des technologies numériques :

Automatisation et travail indépendant dans une économie numérique
The world of work is in flux as a result of digitisation, the development of the digital economy and broad technological change. These processes, coupled with globalisation, population ageing and changes in work organisation, will shape the world of work and raise challenges to public policy in unknown ways.
In response to the digital economy, the new and affordable capacities brought by automation and big-data, many new markets and jobs will be created as result of further advances in digitisation, but many existing jobs will also be destroyed or will have to be significantly re-tooled in the process. New ways of working will become more widespread, which may create greater flexibility for employers and individuals but at the risk of greater job insecurity. Changes in skill requirements and the organisation of work will create pressure on job quality, family-work balance, inequality and social inclusion. These changes raise profound issues for how to adapt labour market policy and institutions as well as social security systems so as to provide adequate protection for workers while exploiting the potential of the new ways of working to enhance opportunities for individuals and enterprises alike.

Pour lire la suite de l’article : http://www.oecd.org/fr/els/emp/Automatisation-et-travail-ind%C3%A9pendant-dans-une-%C3%A9conomie-num%C3%A9rique.pdf

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