Un article de Market Research qui parle de la réassurance et de la possibilité pour le secteur de se développer dans le cadre de Solvency II et de la gestion du risque.

Reinsurance Hubs Becoming Preferred Locations for International Insurers
Reinsurance hubs are becoming preferred locations for international reinsurers to operate in both domestic and offshore markets. Favorable regulatory frameworks, improved tax environments, well-developed infrastructure and the availability of skilled workforces are key factors which support the inflow of foreign reinsurers to these hubs. The US remained the world’s largest reinsurance market. However, the reinsurance industry in Europe contributes a large proportion of the global gross written premium, with the UK, France and Germany being the key reinsurance markets in the region. Further, natural disasters proved to be a challenging factor for the Asia-Pacific insurance industry, shifting global attention on risk assessment and management to that region….