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Vincent Cassar pour The Keeper propose un article pour trouver les influenceurs sur Twitter. A lire :

How To Target #Influencers On Twitter… And Get Them To Share Your Content!
In this article I’ll show you some simple but effective methods to:
Find and target the right Twitter influencers;
Connect with them;
And get them to share your message.
It’s common knowledge that Twitter has become a very powerful platform, and its popularity continues to rise. However, like anything else in marketing, you have to know how to target the right people.
When you launch a SaaS like ours or e-commerce website one of the main challenge is to draw traffic to your site, and most importantly to get the ‘right’ people.
So, referring to Twitter, if you have (say) 200,000 followers that certainly looks impressive, but how would you feel about having just a fraction of that number with the same level of engagement, taking a fraction of the time to nurture and build?
As we know – time is money!

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