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Voici une nouvelle tribune en anglais sur le thème de l’évolution du web :

Professional relationships and web 3.0. a new ecosystem
The ecosystem is an environment where a population lives and grows in successive stages.
Humanity morphs little by little into a new virtual sphere. Information has become the core substance for part of this population. The challenge for web 3.0 lies in the relationship between the control of information and timeless human interaction.
Web 1.0 and 2.0 define structural stages in the the conquest of the ‘grail’ and immortality. Little by little human relationships have changed, becoming increasingly virtual. Now interaction is more seamless and online information leaves an indelible footprint. Like a child learning to walk we have stumbled (the first bank card fraud, our personal information is available online, the 2001 crisis and the dot com bubble bursting…) but also we have matured (creating virtual bank cards, learning to configure privacy settings, and building a renewed economy…). From the ashes of our mistakes the phoenix rises, in this case, due to the clicks of internet users.

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