KMPG vient de publier un document qui fait un état des lieux de la transposition d’AIFMD en Europe. Pays par pays, ils retracent l’état d’avancement.

KPMG publishes AIFMD overview
The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive may have come into force last month, but KPMG believes that not everyone knows where the key member states are in the process of transposing its requirements – and has therefore produced a « country-by-country guide » to help out…


AIFMD transposition status
The deadline for European Union (EU) member states to transpose the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) into national law has now passed: 22 July 2013. Since the requirements with which Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) will need to comply will depend to a great extent on their activities, as well as where their funds and investors are located, many firms continue to struggle with questions around the transposition requirements and the associated implications for their individual firms. Specifically, questions by both EU AIFMs and non-EU AIFMs around marketing and private placement as of 22 July 2013 are frequently asked.


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