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Dans le cadre du Livre Blanc « Twitter conté par 50 personnalités de la Banque Finance Assurance » publié le 15 septembre 2014, plusieurs personnalités ont apporté une vision complémentaire aux 50 premiers portraits. En voici un extrait :

« I will restrict myself to writing a very short piece (in the best Twitter tradition). »

Sa préface :

I will restrict myself to writing a very short piece (in the best Twitter tradition). As what the British call an ‘old fogey’ [I draw the technological line in music at the CD and do not possess an iPod or an iPad] I don’t really understand Twitter, or see the point of it. But I feel that I should have my foot in the water, and so the opening words of any posts I make to my own blog (www.brianbollen.com) are automatically Tweeted, as, it seems, are posts I make on Facebook (I don’t understand that either, but it has been instrumental in rebuilding links with old friends and family). I am very gradually building up a Twitter fan base, which is in itself very eclectic, ranging from someone claiming to be Stormborn Daenerys Targaryen to Alban Jarry, one of my latest recruits.

Although I am a financial journalist, I post musings on other subjects as they tickle my fancy (for example, on the naming of Wayne Rooney as the new captain of the England football team in August 2014:

Wayne Rooney as England football team captain? For me, that encapsulates the decline in English football over the… fb.me/6LXiDNuto

03:55 PM – 28 Aug 14

I find the weekly summary of my Twitter activity oddly interesting. This morning, for instance (September 5 2014) I find that I have 520 total views, three new followers and three link visits. All without any additional effort on my part beyond the writing and the posting. I have even had the occasional response to Tweets and seen the even more occasional response ReTweeted, which is flattering, demonstrating that now and again some people do read what I spend my days writing.

However, I am a professional writer, and this is where I see Twitter at its least impressive. For people who write for fun, the ‘exposure’ it offers is possibly flattering. As one who pays his bills through his writing, though, Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook and other ‘social media’ leave me stone cold. To date, none of those has generated a penny of income for me in terms of attracting business. To me, that is the step forward that Twitter must take, if it is not to remain largely a sprawling collection of inanities.

Brian Bollen MA (Hons), Fellow of ifs University College
Freelance Journalist: Writer, Editor, Media Consultant & Media Trainer
Owner, Author and Editor of Brian Bollen’s Blog (www.brianbollen.com)
Consultant Editor, AssetMan Executive Briefing http://www.assetman.net/EBlatest
(writing, editing, copywriting, ghost-writing and coaching assignments currently being undertaken

Sa préface en format SlideShare :

Les 75 participants du livre blanc sont :

Hervé Alexandre, Jean-Yves Archer, Pierre Auberger, Michel Audeban, David Audran, Delphine Asseraf, Fadhila Brahimi, Cleopatre Bastet, Sabine Baudin, Guillaume Bayre, Matthieu Bebear, Gideon Benari, Patrice Bernard, Charlotte Binche, Cyril Bladier, Brian Bollen, Frederique Cintrat, Jonathan Chan, Marc Cogrel, Cyril Colleatte, Yann Cormant, Raphael Cretinon, Anthony Cros, Romain Dion, Jean-Philippe Dubosc, Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, Vincent Dutot, Fabrice Epelboin, Judith Evans, Aurélie Fardeau, Loïc Fery, Dolores Fraguela, Bertrand Gibeau, Olivier Gonzalez, Thierry Gouby, Jonathan Herscovici, Cyril Jarnias, Hervé Kabla, Daniel Karyotis, Raphael Krivine, Alexandre de Lamarzelle, Laetitia Langeix, Marie-Christine Lanne, Antoine Larigaudrie, Karine Lazimi, Marie-Béatrix Le Coz, Julia Lemarchand, Ronan Le Moal, Francois Limoge, Eric Lombard, Audrey Mangin, Gérard de Maupeou, Julie M, André Morandi, Isabelle Mufraggi, Muriel Nicou, Jean-Marc Ouvré, Claudia Pereira, Dominique Pignot, Tupac Pointu, Rejane Reibaud, Thomas Renault, Florian Rey, Jacques Richier, Antoine Roger, Emmanuel Schafroth, Marie-Helène Seguy, Robert Sojic, Audrey Spy, Cedric Teissier, Mireille Weinberg, Jean-Pierre Wiedmer, Hans Willert, Nathalie Wolff, Axelle Zandvliet

Ainsi que les associations et médias ayant accepté de lui apporter leurs soutiens :
Association Français de Gestion, Club des Assureurs, Finance Innovation, Culture Banque, EFinancialCareers, Instit Invest, Le Figaro Economie, Tout sur mes finances, Votre Argent


Le Livre Blanc est téléchargeable via SlideShare :


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