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Voici une nouvelle tribune publiée en anglais sur Bebee sur le thème des rencontres professionnelles sur les réseaux sociaux :

Why are social networks a mine for knowledge and talent ?
In addition to having the function of instant communication, resume collection or being a library of knowledge, professional social networks provide an opportunity to get in touch with talent and generate new unforeseen contacts IRL (in real life). In 2005 when leadership professor Brian Uzzi and Shannon Dunlap of Kellogg’s Center for Executive Women wrote the article “How to Build Your Network for Harvard Business Review,” they discovered the mechanisms for getting in touch and optimizing the spread of messages. Leaning on the adventure of Paul Revere (who became famous alerting America to the imminence of the Revolutionary war), they showed that leaving your comfort zone and daring to reach a new circle of knowledge allowed for the propagation of messages at high speed. Today’s ultra connected virtual world facilitates the acceleration of message spreading.

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